Gone With The Wind

Remember, when I posted that I'm hoping this is a minor cold that will go away in a couple days?


This Week’s Ingredients [February Week 1]

Happy Friday everyone! I went grocery shopping a little early this week.

Why I Am Going Vegan

As a kid, I loved meat. I was a total carnivore.

My Face Is Breaking Out!

I have to be honest with you, I've been eating a handful of dairy the last week or two but in small portions and I have reaped what I sowed unfortunately.

2018 Personal Goals

I tend to start a goal list every year as most people call it their "New Year's Resolutions". But...

30 Things To Do Before 30 Bucket List

All the goals I wish to accomplish before turning 30. I have 4 years left, ready-set-go!

Officially Sick

Congratulations to myself! I lasted the whole winter without getting sick until... now.